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Other Learning Group Courses
Apart from the Practical Business Course, The Learning Group offers a wide range of courses aimed at improving knowledge,
honing skills and improving our students earning capacity and quality of life. Please browse through the prospectus below - these links will open a new browser window to The Learning Group website.

Writing School

Do you want to earn money with your writing? At The Writing School we've been training writers in essential technique skills for more than twenty years and have produced thousands of happy graduates in countries around the world.

Choose from our comprehensive writing course for experience in a variety of genres, or our modular Writer's Craft courses to specialize in a particular field.

Language School

The Language School has been teaching better English for over twelve years and has produced thousands of happy graduates.

Creative Careers

Why should you not be able to make a living by doing something you love? Stretch your creative wings with our courses!

Self Improvement

Unlock the power of your mind, increase your confidence and improve your life.


All the fastest developing technologies in the world utilize electronics in one way or another - and the pace of development is dizzying!