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Practical Business Course - an Introduction

Almost everyone in the world has to work so that they can earn money to survive. Many people have the desire to open their own business....
...after all, it only requires hard work, a bit of common sense, and some luck, isn't that right?


It requires a lot more than that. The figures show it. 8O% of South African business startups fail within 3 years, and 9O% within 5 years. Why?

This is not an easy question to answer, because there can be literally thousands of reasons for a business to fail. However, there are some fundamental business principles that will, if followed, immeasurably improve the chances of your business surviving and even prospering. This intensely practical course will teach you how to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and how to use your assets to the full.

One vitally important point when starting a business is that you have to research the viability and then plan the course of your proposed business venture before starting to trade. For instance, does your research tell you that you have a unique product, one people want to buy, or is it just another product amongst thousands of similar products? Is the service you offer unique in any way? How much money will you need? From where should you work Do you know that, although you may be making a profit, your business can fail because you don't have any ready cash to continue trading? In fact, that is one of the most common causes of business failure.

The Learning Group's Practical Business Course (PBC) is designed to help entrepreneurial small businessmen succeed by equipping them with the tools to research, plan, start, and then manage a small business profitably and successfully. In fact, the course assumes that you will be starting your own business during the time that you are studying with us, so all the planning and feasibility studies are based on your own business idea. Not only will you plan your own business, but you will also have access to a consultant/tutor who will give you ongoing help and advice on setting up your business. We believe that this unique approach to learning about business will help you succeed.

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The Practical Business Course is affordably priced as follows:

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