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Effective Business English
Good English is the key to your career!

South Africa is a changing and developing country. Jobs are scarce, and never before has communication been so important in the working world.
Communication is the key to a successful career - and most of the job providers speak English!

The Language School offers you an opportunity to improve your Business English communication skills, thereby enhancing your job opportunities and increasing your income.

Don't be left behind. Aim for and achieve top jobs irrespective of your age, sex or race. Speak the language that is universally accepted as the language of international trade, commerce and travel - NOW!

Effective Business English provides a practical means of learning the intricacies of Business English, and explains in detail how to communicate effectively, simply, and concisely. Both written and spoken English are covered in some detail. Also covered is the less tangible but equally important art of correct verbal and non-verbal communication with customers or co-workers. In addition, a new section covers the effective use of email as a medium.

One of the most important aspects in Business English is correct pronunciation, and this is covered through the use of audio tapes which provide a model for correct pronunciation and phrasing of English Business words. Audio tapes also aid in learning some of the rules of spelling, and more will appear in future as a supplement to the written section of this course.

Business English is like any other form of English, except that it relates specifically to English as used in a business context. It includes how the language is spoken in the workplace, in inter-office and inter-company communication using letters, memos and reports, and other techniques. All in all, it can be considered a style of communication, both written and verbal.

When communicating in Business English, there are a few principles that should be followed:

  • Clarity: Make sure that your communications are composed carefully and expressed clearly. Pronounce your words clearly and with as little accent as possible.
  • Brevity: Communicate effectively by making your message short and to the point. Keep things simple.
  • Purpose: Think carefully about the purpose of your communication. Say precisely what you mean.
  • Tone: Adopt a pleasant and persuasive tone rather than a demanding or aggressive one.

If you are employed by a company that is English-speaking, and you are unsure of your English skills, then you should take this course.

Positions in management and administration require not only a thorough knowledge of the company's product or service, but also communication skills - in written as well as verbal form. In business, both verbal and writing skills in English are vital to the successful execution of your duties. The ability to convey one's ideas and instructions internally through memos and reports, and externally through contact with customers, buyers and other businesses, is now recognised as a vital facet of good management.

Effective Business English will teach you these skills, and will thereby make your whole work experience easier, more productive, and more personally rewarding.

The Learning Group Business English Course is affordably priced as follows:

Credit Card
R260 x 6