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Business Empowerment Through Education

The Learning Group, formerly Leisure Study Group International, has been in existence since 1985.
Our aim is to provide quality adult distance education courses that will facilitate a better quality of life for our students through the acquisition of new skills.

To this end we have shifted our focus towards skills courses that empower our students to improve their work prospects by learning new and upgrading old job skills.

The first of our exciting new developments is our Practical Business Course. This comprehensive but non-technical basic course explains the steps of planning, researching and eventually opening a small business.

This will soon be followed by further courses in more advanced business techniques, details of which will be found here in our Business Centre.

Especially structured to help our students for whom English is not a first language, we offer a Basic English course, which can be found at The Learning Group website, and a Business English course on this site.

Distance Learning is vitally important, not only in South Africa, but around the world. It has been calculated that to keep pace with the demand for tertiary education this century, a new university would have to be opened every 7 days. The goal of The Learning Group is to help ease this demand.

Distance education knows no physical boundaries and allows students to study at their own pace - full or part time. Please address queries for further information to the principal of The Learning Group, Angus Anderson or the key staff listed on the contact page.